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Pineapple chicken poke

Poke is a traditional Hawaiian dish prepared with marinated raw fish accompanied by other ingredients making it a fresh, tasty and complete meal; my Pineapple chicken poke is my interpretation of a one-course meal that is equally tasty and complete, but made with meat as a source of protein. In fact, who has difficulties in […]


May and its fortified salads

May brings us two ideas for what we call fortified salads, i.e. salads that are nutritionally complete and therefore perfect as one-course meals for lunch in the office, at school or for dinner. The rule applies that ingredients must be in season in order to maximise their nutritional contribution, so asparagus and mixed greens, as […]


Chickpea and vegetable flan

A chickpea flour flan with lots of vegetables, also perfect for using the leftover vegetables in the fridge: try the Chickpea and Vegetable Flan. I love this recipe that a friend taught me because it not only allows me to have a one-course meal that is perfect for diabetes and coeliac disease, but also because […]

Secret Supper: the magic of what is secret

What is a Secret Supper? It is an exciting combination of surprise and great food that cannot leave you indifferent. The mind behind this beautiful project is Simona Baldini, event planner of Gallina a Pois a fantastic organiser who didn’t spoiler anything that could quench the curiosity about the Secret Supper experience. Secret Supper: the […]


April salads

What vegetables await you in our April salads? Cauliflower, peas and leek will be the stars with the red touch of strawberries: find out how to prepare them. Let’s start with an uncommon use of cauliflower: raw. Have you ever tried it? You will be surprised to discover that it is sweet and has a […]


Raw and cooked salads

My journey to find tasty and quick salad recipes continues to serve dishes that are always new and today my proposal is two Raw and cooked salads. Remember that the principle we shoul follow when choosing our salad ingredients is their being in season. So, opening the fruit and vegetable calendar is a must before […]