Bread represents the greatest challenge in the world of gluten free and the pleasure of variety of shapes and flavours is central to the experience. Olive buns are a moment of joy for us because they are one of my son Nicolò’s favourite breads and he loves them so much!

Olive buns are also perfect as a school snack or garden party, but they add a touch of flavour and colour to the bread basket that I love to put on the table whenever possible with as much variety as possible: white bread, dark bread seed bread, cheese bread and so on and so forth!

So, let’s knead!

Olive buns

43.5g carbohydrates per 100 g


  • 370g water
  • 250g pitted green and black olives
  • 220g flour mix for bread, brand Schär B**
  • 150g gluten-free flour, brand Revolution**
  • 150g flour mix for bread, brand Pedon Easyglut**
  • 20g extra virgin olive oil
  • 12g brewer’s yeast
  • 5g salt
  • extra virgin olive oil to brush the surface
  • rice flour* for dusting

**Ingredients specific for celiacs

*Ingredients whose labels must read “gluten-free” (or, in Italy, present on  Prontuario AIC)


  1. Place water and crumbled yeast in a bowl or food processor and stir for a few seconds to dissolve the yeast. Add all the flours, salt and oil, then knead until you have a homogeneous and firm mixture that can be rolled out with a rolling pin.
  2. Divide the mixture in half and roll out each half with the help of a little rice flour to form a rectangle about 40cm long and 25-30cm wide.
  3. Place the sliced green and black olives, slightly offset from the centre of the rectangle lengthwise. Cover the olives with the dough to form a roll.
  4. Cut the roll into pieces of about 10cm. Place them on a sheet of parchment paper, leaving them far enough apart to allow them to rise. Brush the surface with olive oil and leave to rise for at least 1 hour. Bake in a convection oven preheated to 200°C for 20 minutes.


Version with gluten of Olive buns

Prepare the dough with 500g wheat flour and 250g water.