What is a Secret Supper? It is an exciting combination of surprise and great food that cannot leave you indifferent.

The mind behind this beautiful project is Simona Baldini, event planner of Gallina a Pois a fantastic organiser who didn’t spoiler anything that could quench the curiosity about the Secret Supper experience.

Secret Supper: the mystery of venue, menu and guests

The first secret supper was held on Saturday 13 April 2024 and only three days before we found out where it would take place, namely an unconventional venue set up for an exclusive dinner for only eight people. The ‘setting’ of our dinner was Il Ghirigoro Bottega in Fidenza (Parma), a warm embrace of refined and unusual objects, soft lighting and intoxicating colours.

The only clue on the menu for me was crucial: everything gluten-free! When do you ever get invited to an exclusive dinner where all the courses will be gluten-free? Very high expectations!

I like all the requirements: no dress code, other secret guests, absolute punctuality (those who know me know how much I like this request!) and precise logistical info to reach the venue.

At this point I think you will also be curious to discover the menu, prepared by chef Nicola Carlucci, paired with wines chosen by sommelier Valentina Arena.


And the other guests? The pleasure was also to be with with three long-time friends (none of us knew about the others) and four new cooking enthusiasts with whom I hope to share other similar experiences.

An extra touch of mystery

Not only was the part of the organisation that preceded the dinner mysterious, but the dinner itself had a chilling interlude with the incredible tricks of Francesco Busani, mentalist and entertainer, who I would call the additional secret ingredient of a perfect cocktail.


I therefore recommend you keep an eye on the Gallina a Pois website where a Secret Supper calendar will be published so that you too can book an evening of gluttonous mystery from the first to the last bite: you won’t regret it.