Starting from 13 January, the day celebrating the Saint Patron of Parma, Saint Ilario (also my name-day) do not miss the weekly appointment with Uno chef per tutti, my TV programme dedicated to recipes for all the people who cannot eat gluten, but also other allergens that I will specify from time to time.

Live on Fridays

To watch the programme live, the appointment is every Friday at 7pm (Rome time) on QuBìTV, but if you do not manage to follow the streaming live, don’t worry because you will find the recording online and on the Youtube channel of the tv platform.

And since we start in a cold month, the first recipe is going to be a fantastic Onion soup au gratin to get a full energy charge and to warm up with the flavour of a great classic of peasant foods.

My “field kitchen” at CUBO

Uno chef per tutti is a fantastic live adventure from what I like defining “my field kitchen”: indeed, cooking at CUBO, the multi-purpose venue in Parma, is evidence of the fact that you just need an induction plate and an oven to prepare many tasty recipes ranging from starter to dessert, and that we can all cook in less than 30 minutes, just allowing some extra cooking time.

So, the programme is a celebration of “free from” dishes with taste, fun and especially the joy of cooking and sharing.

Also watch my video recipes available on the blog!