Who doesn’t know Italian Focaccia and Pizza? But have you ever tasted the authentic ones?

The experience of smelling freshly baked focaccia at home is something you cannot do without once you have tried it! During our course, we will learn how to make authentic Italian focaccia…but there’s more!

What about preparing pizza? Italian Margherita is the celebration of simple, amazing ingredients that will please your taste buds, but also your eyes and spirit. At the same time, we will learn how to top our Margherita to turn it into the most amazing gourmet pizza.

While your dough will be proving, we will take you through all the making, topping and baking steps so that you can bake your focaccia and pizza when perfectly risen for a wow result.

Cooking course

Focaccia and Pizza

Pizza and focaccia


Price: 25 euro

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