copertina italian antipasto

An Italian meal is rarely a single course, but rather a sequence of well defined dishes that you should follow to enjoy the true experience starting from Antipasto.

A key part of the meal, and often the most appreciated one considering how hungry we are before starting eating, is Antipasto. The word in Italian literally means “before the meal”, but sometimes you may be more than satisfied already after eating the irresistible titbits you are served to start.

Preparing three very traditional and irresistible recipes will give you a taste of what food pleasure means, and remember that simplicity with wholesome amazing ingredients is what Italian cuisine is all about.

And to give you a taste of Italy, we will be travelling with food from the North to Sicily without missing a stop in Tuscany.

Enjoy this delicious journey!

Cooking course

Italian Antipasto

volantino italian antipasto


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