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If you happen to travel in the Liguria region in summer, you will be overwhelmed by the aroma of basil that is harvested from early June to late September and that is the key ingredient to prepare Homemade pasta with Pesto genovese.

The light emerald green leaves of these little plants are the secret to one of Italy’s world famous pasta sauces: Pesto genovese. And if Pesto is the sauce, fresh pasta is its companion for an unforgettable taste experience.

Mortar and pestle are the original tools, but less tiring solutions are a common trick today, so don’t be scared! Get ready to shape pasta and prepare the creamiest green sauce ever.

Pasta with Pesto genovese is one of the most iconic vegetarian recipes of Italian cuisine.

Cooking course

Homemade pasta with Pesto genovese

course pesto genovese


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