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If you think of one of Italy’s sweet icons, Tiramisù will certainly lead the ranking!

Like most Italian recipes, it’s all about simplicity and amazing ingredients. We will learn how to prepare the most irresistible Mascarpone cream and how to assemble the classical world famous Tiramisù.

But what a great occasion to discover flavor combinations that only the most passionate Italian foodies  may spot! Emilia Romagna is the cradle of the authentic Balsamic Vinegar, the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, which actually gives its best when paired with some sweet notes… So, using it as an ingredient for an unexpected Tiramisù will be an unforgettable experience. Ready to try?

Classic and creative Tiramisù are vegetarian and, as usual in my case, in a gluten free version too.

Cooking course

Classic and creative Tiramisù

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