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Anolini and Tortellini in brodo are what you do not expect.

Unlike what many may think, it can get fairly cold in Italy! But it is also true that most people normally choose to visit Italy in spring and summer, so winter recipes are much less known amongst non-Italian food aficionados.

One of the most delicious dishes when days start getting chilly is certainly fresh homemade pasta cooked in stock prepared with flavourful meats and vegetables.

And Anolini and Tortellini in brodo are the undisputed winter soup. This stuffed pasta is the unquestioned star of all important occasions, including Christmas, and making these small dumplings is definitely a social activity: get the family together, assign tasks and get going for making large amounts because once you have the first bite, it won’t be easy to stop!

We will prepare one of the recipes, but we will learn and explore regional differences in shapes and fillings.

Celebrations in sight!

Cooking course

Anolini and Tortellini in brodo

anolini and tortellini in brodo


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